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Butler & James roofing specializing in fixing leaking roofs fast. We promise to find the cause of the leak and fix it the first time. We understand residential and commercial construction and inspect 1000's of properties per year so we can find the underlying cause of the leak. Often times it's not the roof - flashing, fascia, soffits, gutters, poor installation techniques, failed materials can cause a leaking roof. Take comfort in knowing that we always fix other roofer's mistakes.

Main Causes of Roof Leaks

  • Chimney Repair - loose mortar, failed flashing, poor maintenance

  • Soffit and or Fascia Rotting

  • Roof Material - older roof, failure of membrane

  • Cracks, Holes, De-lamination of roof tiles, membrane

  • Gutter, Downspout, or poor slope drainage

  • Wind, Snow, Storm, and Hurricane Damage

Affordable Prices

Our prices and payment schedules are specially designed to provide our customers with the best value for their needs.